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Sam's Story

Born and raised in Shropshire, England, my passion for skincare first began 10 years ago, when I was just 14 years old. Like many teenagers, I had problems with my skin growing up. However, an odd pimple here and there quickly turned into moderate to severe acne, and I found myself covered in blemishes. Of course I tried every store bought product, but nothing worked and in fact, made my skin more irritated and sore.


The condition of my skin continued to deteriorate and after multiple visits to the doctor, I decided to go on Accutane for 6 months. It did subdue the breakouts, but I was left with dry, damaged and scarred skin. I was thankful that the breakouts had stopped, but the scars were still very much affecting my confidence and all I wanted was for them to heal.


After a year of dermatologist visits, expensive skin packages that promised everything but delivered nothing, as well as causing a chemical burn to my face, I decided to visit my grandma, who had her own herb and flower garden. Over the years she had begged me to try some of her home remedies—the ones that she created and used; which resulted in youthful, radiant and glowing wrinkle-free skin. When I finally did, I saw that organic and natural skincare was the way to go. The results were remarkable, so I delved into researching hundreds of different ingredients and the benefits that they each offered. I experimented with different formulas, and built upon my grandma's recipes; creating a new skincare regime.


I created an oil-based cleanser that I would use twice a day. This was followed by a botanical and aloe vera based facial toner, and finally a deeply nourishing facial balm. Within the first few weeks, my face was less red and irritated. The scars were still there but looked nowhere near as bad as they did the week before. The following month I began to notice that the scars were beginning to fade and lighten. Within 3 months the scars were barely visible and my skin finally had a healthy look and feel for the first time in years.


Within a year of using my homemade skincare products, I had no noticeable scarring, and outbreaks simply didn’t occur. The combination of carrier and essential oils had healed, renewed, and rejuvenated my skin. My confidence was back and I finally felt like myself again. I went back to investigate the store bought and doctor prescribed products that I had used and was shocked by the number of chemicals and non-natural and toxic ingredients in them. it was then that I witnessed my vision begin to manifest: to create these healing recipes and share them with others.


While attending University in London, I traveled to Asia and Australia to identify new ingredients and methods of creating skincare products. From the best Australian jojoba oil to Asian herbal infusion methods, these trips helped me expand my knowledge and capacities for creating skincare solutions. Following graduation, I moved to the U.S. and now reside in Miami, where I'm pursuing my dream—Sam's Soulutions—and creating products with my original recipes on a mass scale, as well as expanding to address other skincare needs and concerns.


The goal of Sam's Soulutions is to help people make the transition to using pure and natural products. After all, 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, so skincare really needs to be as important as the food we eat.


Now one of my skincare concerns is keeping my skin youthful and wrinkle-free; so all of the formulas provide rejuvenating, healing and revitalizing properties which I know will help my skin stay younger and fresher looking, just like my Grandma's. Whatever your age, our products will work to minimize any skin concerns that you may have. Unlike many companies, water is not our main ingredient and every pure and natural item on our list has been added for its botanical richness for the skin. I can honestly say that going natural with my skincare changed my life, and I can only hope that I can help other people do the same.

Over the years the formulas have been tested & perfected and we’ve loved being able to share our products. Our skincare line is constantly evolving and we’re excited to soon be releasing additional skin-loving products to our collection.





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